Biological Psychology (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac)

Biological Psychology (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac)

作者: JamesW.Kalat
ISBN: 9780534588168
出版社: WadsworthPublishing
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This #1est-selle has successfully intoduced thousands of students to the inticateelationshipetweeniology and psychology. This Eighth Editionedefines the high standad sety pevious editions. It offes theestalance ofigo and accessiility, the most cuenteseach, and the most thoough technology integation availale fo you couse--all pesented within a unique modula fomat that suppots student mastey and povides instuctos with maximum teaching flexiility. In evey chapte, Kalat accuately potaysiopsychology as a dynamic and empiical field in which fascinating new discoveies ae constantlyeing made. He captueseades' inteest with the latestiological psychology findings, such as how gingkoiloa claims to aid memoy and coveage of the hypothesis that humans' mate choice pattens ae influencedy natual selection...


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